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July 28, 2013
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It was a warm summer evening in the park. Your five year old son, Alfred, was riding his new bike for the first time without training wheels. You sat on the park bench next to your husband, Arthur, your fingers loosely entwined together. Using his other hand, he held up a book, completely absorbed in the chapter he was reading.

You closed your eyes and enjoyed the soft breeze that was blowing against your skin. That was until you heard crying. Your eyes snapped back open instantly. You looked around and found your son on the ground holding onto his knee. You immediately got up and rushed over, leaving Arthur by himself.

"What's wrong, baby boy?" You asked Alfred who had tears running down his face. His bike was behind him laying in the grass. "I-I want daddy!" He cried. You nodded and ran to Arthur.

"He wants you," You informed him, making him look up. "Me?" "Yeah, you! Come on!" You took his hand and dragged him to where Alfred was.

"Tell me. What did you do, chap?" Arthur asked, an annoyed tone seeping into his voice. The younger one sniffed before he spoke. "I was riding my bike… and then I hit a rock." He pointed to the little rock that was sitting on the path. "And it made me fall. I got a boo-boo."

"Let me see, Alfie." You told him softly. Alfred moved his hand away from his knee, revealing a small red wound. "Ouch. I'll be right back, okay?" You let him know. walking back to where you and Arthur sat. You dug around in your bag for your miniature first-aid kit. You never knew when your little trouble maker was going to need it.

While you were looking for it, Arthur lifted Alfred's bike and balanced it on the kickstand. He then bent down in front of Alfred. "Don't cry." He mumbled while wiping tears off the young boy's face.

You arrived with a wipe, a bottle of Neosporin, and a band-aid. You crouched down and cleaned the wound with the wipe. Then you put on a dab of Neosporin, and finally covered it up with the band-aid.

"There, are you okay now?" You stood up. Alfred still sat in the ground with his father, shaking his head. "No?" You asked confused. "I want daddy to kiss it better."

"Awww~!" You thought, a smile reaching your lips. "Go on, kiss it better." You nudged your husband with your foot. "Do I have to?" He questioned with his British accent. "Of course~! He was asking for you anyway." You answered.

Arthur sighed, rolling his bright green eyes. He craned his neck down and set his lips on the band-aid, lightly pecking Alfred's knee. "There. Now are you better?" The British man wondered impatiently.

Alfred happily nodded, his baby blue eyes lighting up. "Thank you mommy! You're the best! And thanks daddy, you too!" You giggled at yourself being mentioned. Alfred jumped up and hugged his dad's neck. Arthur softened up and chuckled, wrapping his arms around his son in return. You couldn't help but smile at the scene before you.

"Okay guys, I think it's about time to go home now." You glanced at the sky, that was getting gradually darker. "Alright, let's go everyone." Arthur agreed. He pulled back from his son's embrace and stood up.

Alfred stuck his tiny arms out, making the cutest puppy eyes. Arthur sighed once again. "Do you want me to pick you up?" "Pleeeease? I can't walk," Alfred pointed to his knee. "Oh, fine. You little bugger." Arthur put his hands under Alfred's armpits and lifted him up.


Arthur was currently upstairs putting Alfred to bed. You were downstairs at the moment, drying the dishes you just washed from that night's dinner. You put almost everything away except the utensils. They were that last thing left. You neatly placed the forks and knives where they belonged and closed the drawer… on your finger.

You squeaked and jumped back, grasping your finger with your other hand. Fortunately, it wasn't broken… just very red from squishing it. "Oww…" You whined, feeling tears stinging your eyes. You plodded to the couch in the living room and sat down. You waited for Arthur to come back.

And he did, but only to find you still holding onto your finger. Your eyes were clearly watering. "What's the matter, love?" Arthur's bushy brows slightly furrowed. "I closed the drawer on my finger when I was putting the forks and knives away." You admitted. Suddenly, you felt a small smile creep onto your lips.

"Hey, Artie?"

"Yes darling?"

"Can you kiss it better?"

Arthur smirked. "No." He told you sternly. "Pleeeeease?" You used the same cute puppy eyes as Alfred. "So that's where he got it from…"

"I was playing with you, poppet. Of course I can, just for you~" He then took hold of your hand, planting a gentle kiss on your finger; that was slowly turning back to its normal color. 

"You know where else it hurts?"


"Right here." You pointed to your lips.

"Oh, really?" He snorted in disbelief.

"Really!" You responded, waiting for your desired request.

"You are too cute, huh?" Arthur commented before leaning in, his lips touching yours.

 You regained your breath once you pulled back.

"It still hurts~" You sang.

"You are so full of it," Said the British gentleman before tackling you into another kiss.

~The End, darlings~! ♥
 I haven't posted anything in awhile!!! I apologize about that~! :heart:

This is a request/ art trade for :iconxcrackedxbutterflyx:

Soo...I told you to read the description first, right? Well...the end is an extended ending because I thought it kinda turned into a lemon. Just a tiny bit. But I didn't wanna do that, because this story was asked to be a fluffy one. Lol, I never write lemons :P *sighs* I guess you guys tell me what you think...

Thank you for reading! :D

(4/1/14) *EDIT* Hope you like this new and improved version!! :iconyayenglandplz: :heart: :iconyayamericaplz:
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