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June 19, 2013
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Your kindergarten class ended and the school bus was dropping you off at the bus stop. You politely thanked the driver, started walking home, you knew that was only a block away. You finally arrived at your house. But from the outside the front door, you could hear a pained scream. Gasping, you yank the door open. As you were running in the hallway to the main room, you heard another tormented scream…

And then it was silent.

You found your father laying on the floor. His usual slick, blond hairstyle was disheveled, and he had many cuts and bruises; blood staining his clothes. Next to him was his brother in the same horrible condition. His silver hair was also unkempt, cuts blemishing his pale, delicate skin. A stream of blood flowed from his open mouth. You started to cry at the sight. You never wanted to see your daddy or uncle hurt in any way; because you loved them so much.

You helplessly watched them, realizing that the two of them had their eyes closed and it didn’t look like they were breathing. You were only five years old, terrified, and had no idea what to do.

While you were crying and grieving, a shadow began to loom over your tiny form. This caught your attention, so you turned around.

Behind you stood a big, tall man, dressed in nothing but black. He was all covered up but the only thing you could see were his cold, dark eyes.

You were frozen in fear gaping up at him.

All of a sudden he lunged toward you, making you scream for your life.


You jolt awake, a loud gasp come out of you. You're sweating, your thin night gown clinging onto your now sticky body. It only takes you a few seconds to start bursting into tears. Jumping out of your bed, you take off running through the house.

"Vati!" Tears run down your face. You find your father in his office doing paper work at his desk.

"Liebling, what’s wrong?" He stops what he's doing, scooping you up in his strong arms. "Oh, ________. Why are you crying, baby?" Ludwig pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket, using it to wipe your little, runny nose. You sniff and hug him tightly. Even though you are safe in your father's arms, you still feel scared.

"Did you have a bad dream, Liebling?" Ludwig asks. You nod, wiping some tears away with your sleeve. You look into his beautiful, blue eyes you love the most.

"Ja… you and onkel were dead. A big, scary man killed both of you…" You confess. Ludwig’s serious expression softens and he gives you a tender hug. "It’s okay, ________. I’m still here… can’t you hear my heart?" Ludwig gently pushes your head to his chest, letting you listen to the sound of his heartbeat. But you remember something, causing you to pull back.

"But what about Onkel Gilbert? Is he okay?" You ask anxiously. Ludwig smiles and put you down. He holds your small hand in his bigger one, walking down the hall to Gilbert’s room. He cracks the door open and you both look in. "Look, he’s right there." Ludwig points to his brother.

Gilbert lays sprawled across the bed. He sleeps with his giant Gilbird pillow, snoring loudly.

"Onkel is so silly when he’s sleeping!" You giggle. Ludwig laughs quietly closing the door. "See? We’re okay, ________."

"Can I sleep with you... just in case the nightmares come back?"

"Ja, of course, Liebling."

You curl up next to your father in bed and fall asleep again. Ludwig strokes your hair.


You are so relieved that your nightmares aren’t real. You always need your family… even if Onkel Gilbert is the loudest snorer.

~ Das Ende. ♥

It took me forever to find a preview picture of Germany. I mean, this is a child!Reader. It has to be somewhat appropriate!! D: All of them either had him shirtless, or him and Italy... doing stuff. :iconheplz:

Thank you for reading! :D

(8/30/14) *EDIT* Hope you enjoy this new and improved version!

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